Steel frames and steel luminaires. Eyecatchers that enrich every interior.

Stout Lighting’s unique Candle Fusion and Castle Fusion collections are black steel fixtures and candle style lighting. Warm light and a sleek fixture. A perfect combination with the steel frames of Simply Steel.

Stout Lighting is a partner of Simply Steel. These Dutch light makers have their own vision of light. With design and production in their own studio. Unique designs and handmade products. That is why a lot is possible. Determine the luminaire and the lampshade yourself. Stout’s light experts are happy to tailor it.

For price information about the Candle Fusion and Castle Fusion collections, you can download the price lists.

View a selection from the Stout Lighting collection below.

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Steel inside doors & frames

Stairs & balustrades

Conservatories & rooflights

Wall- and ceiling covering

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