Durable slim facades: Simply Steel Isolated

Exterior steel facades for modern comfort. Simply Steel Isolated profiles have perfect thermal insulation, a long life and a contemporary look. The insulated steel fronts have a thermal break in the profile for great insulating effect. The cold stays outside and the heat inside. Comfortable and contemporary living, with a pleasant energy bill.

The insulated exterior frames are constructed from the slim Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profiles. The glass is installed with steel glazing beads or with Renoseal for an authentic, traditional look.


Simply Steel Isolated in a short summary:

  • very good environmental assessment: profile is one of the best choices possible.
  • excellent insulation values: ucw value of frame approx. 1.65 W / m2 K * (uf-value profile 1.9 W / m2 K)
  • standard with HR ++ glass (u-value 1.2 W / m2 K) and black thermal cavity matching the steel
  • durable and aesthetic: visible widths of only 20 – 47 mm
  • longer life than most exterior facades, such as wooden and aluminum frames, due to the strong and rigid steel and the welded (corner) joints
  • good acoustic insulation (soundproof) due to the high mass of the steel
  • steel is more burglary resistant than other materials
  • meets all current construction standards

*with a window frame of 1500 x 3300 mm with HR ++ glass

Bring light in your interior

A Simply Steel façade included in the design, ensures maximum light in the home or business premises. Steel is a strong and rigid material. Stronger than aluminum alternatives, which enables a slim profile and a large glass surface. It brings the outdoors in all year round. Our insulated steel frames are always made to measure. Size, layout and devision can be determined by yourself.

Janisol Arte 2.0 profiles

For the insulated steel frames we use the high quality profiles of Janisol Arte 2.0. The galvanized profiles are finished with a strong powder coating. In a RAL color of your choice. In order to also be able to design the doors in a slim steel version, Simply Steel has developed its own profile for the insulated steel doors. The Janisol Arte 2.0 as a basis, supplemented with our own details. Alternatively, stainless steel profiles and Corten steel profiles are also possible. With the same good insulating qualities.

View the download below for an overview of the classifications of the Janisol Arte 2.0 profiles, such as thermal insulation and weather resistance.

Download ratings

The right glass for optimal insulation

For the optimal thermal insulation effect, we use double glazed HR ++ 33.1 laminated with 20mm thermal black spacer (331 – 20 – 331) as standard for the insulated steel frames. Injury-safe on the inside and outside (according to NEN 3569)

The putty outside (in classic look) is approx. 20 mm. Due to the black spacer, there is no contrasting aluminum strip between the glazing (as you see normally). Other types of glass such as triple glass, HR +++, soundproof glass and monumental glass are also possible. For even better insulation.

Choice of various windows and doors

The lay out of the steel facades can be determined by yourself. Combine the different types of windows and doors to your desired design solution. A single revolving door, double doors, whether or not combined with fixed side lights. A fixed window frame, a revolving window, a tilting window. Round and arched steel frames, inward or outward opening. Combined with the desired hinges and locks. Everything is possible.

Steel facades for renovation and new constructions

The insulated steel frames can be used both modern and classic. They are suitable for renovation of historic buildings, 1930s homes, farmhouses and lofts in industrial buildings or old warehouses. The insulated steel frames are also suitable for new homes or buildings. They meet modern living comfort, current environmental requirements, and the classic industrial look of today.

Simply Steel steel products:

Steel inside doors & frames

Steel outside doors & frames

Stairs & balustrades

Conservatories & rooflights


Wall- and ceiling covering

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