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Nice to meet you, Simply Steel. Specialists in steel. Specialists in a material that is both old and new. Simply Steel will be happy to help you with steel doors, windows frames and pivoting doors for your rebuilding, renovations and new building projects. We assure you of a customized product, in every shape, size and form. Our steel frames are made by order in Europe, under handicraft production conditions. Quality assured! Simply Steel vintage, a new sort of finish which will make new look like old. On the page finishes you will find differents sorts that can be applied.

From concept to end result

Simply Steel Vintage is a new finish that reminds you of old. At finishes, the different looks can be seen that can be applied.

The whole route in one hand
A very important benefit is that Simply Steel, next to producing, will arrange the whole route:

  • Dimensions and drawings
  • production
  • Steel finish (primed and/or powdercoated)
  • Installation
  • Glass supply (isolated glas and/or safetyglass) and installation

You will only have one contact from start to finish


In case of restauration projects we can review in consultation with you to see whether restauration is possible or if new doors are needed.

Steel: A modern classic in one material

HIt is both classic and modern at the same time. Sturdy and classy at the same time. Steel. Steel is a material that has made a comeback. A lot of buildings build between the 1920’s and 1940’s have steel window/doorframes. Famous architects like Dudok, Duiker and Peutz used this in their projects.

Architects choose steel
Because of it’s versatile, tendrile design, steel looks great in line with architecture nowadays for renovations and new build projects. Steel is strong, sustainable, crafty and maintenance free.


Steel offers you lots of different applications, steel window frames and doors, banistars, balconies and fences. Every product can be made to order to your wishes. Simply Steel offers you the ease of a lot of variation to standard metal profiles. These steel profile scan be the base to your imagination with steel door, windows etc.

Next to that, Simply Steel offers you hot rolled chairprofiles. Replicas and more applications. There are also other steel profiles available like Jansen profiles, HOP-profiles, made together with diagonals and T-steel profiles. Of course all these profiles can be combined as well, also available with isolated glass.

Simply Steel supplies:

Steel inside doors & frames

Steel outside doors & frames

Steel stairs & balustrades

Conservatories & rooflights

Accessories & furniture

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